Project Overview


The Shalefield Organizing Committee is coordinating resistance to the Atlantic Sunrise Project, a natural gas transmission pipeline proposed by Williams Inc.  This pipeline, if completed, would be a massive addition to the natural gas infrastructure in this region, connecting the existing Transco Pipeline to regions of Marcellus Shale extraction in Northeast PA.  Click here for maps of the proposed route.

Atlantic Sunrise project stats:

  • 183 miles of new pipe
  • 10 Counties in PA
  • 2 Compressor Stations
  • 30” – 42” Diameter
  • 1480 lbs/sq. inch


  • The permit was approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), giving Williams Transco company the power of eminent domain- the power to take private property without the consent of the landowner
  • This pipeline is not intended to supply private homes. It will primarily transport gas to export facilities for sale overseas. It is not a public utility or a public necessity.
  • Williams bullies landowners if they refuse to sign contracts by threatening unfair compensation with eminent domain.


  • Williams is constantly under federal investigation for pipeline accidents and is responsible for the Unityville rupture in June 2015.
  • The potential impact radius or hazard zone is between 796 and 1,115 feet on either side of the pipeline. If an explosion occurs, there is no chance of survival within this area. Williams does not notify residents or businesses that are within this area.
  • The proposed pipeline route would encounter abandoned coal mines and reach within one-half mile of existing underground mine fires in Shamokin


  • Construction will result in fragmented farms and forests, hundreds of stream crossings, and millions of gallons of water withdrawals from 11 rivers and streams
  • The pipeline will create a demand for continued well drilling and fracking in Northeast PA that will increase air and water contamination, human health risks, and methane emissions.

There is strong resistance to the Atlantic Sunrise in every county that it passes through.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has received unprecedented negative feedback on this project and the value of Williams’ stock is dropping.

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